Insurance PLANNING

Insurance planning is all about concerned with ensuring adequate coverage against those unforeseen perils and dangers that turn out to be costly for your financial future. Insurance planning in advance helps preparing you for financial resources especially, when unforeseen years appear to be harsh on your finances.

Do you have answer for this question? If you were to die tomorrow then would your family would be liable enough to maintain their existing lifestyle? No, we have. We at My Financial Planner help protecting you and your family lifestyle by preparing you ahead from life’s nasty surprises. We search out the best solution for the varied needs of our clients


  • To prepare a saving bucket for your dependents
  • To eliminate heavy costs of taxes
  • To create a pool of cash for the time when can no longer earn
  • To help enterprise cope with the loss of key person
  • To obtain maximized returns even after when you are gone

Get ready to make the best financial decisions for those you care most.